3:00pm // Registration, Mingling, Campground opens

4:00pm // Agorist Marketplace, Restaurant opens 

5:00pm // Opening Ceremony

6:00pm // Cacao Ceremony with Alektra (400MXN)

7:00pm // Ecstatic Dance with Alektra

8:00pm // Restaurant Closes

9:00pm // Campfire jam session

11:00pm // Venue closes to non-campers.


8:00am // Registration, Restaurant Opens

8:30am // Meditation and Yoga with Alektra (100MXN)

10:00am // Maximiliano Torres - Why Anarchism? 

10:00am // OffGrid Autonomy 101 with Chad Schwartz (2500MXN) 

10:30am // Kurt Robinson

11:00am // Aura Wright - Crypto's Treacherous 4th Wave: Crucial Missing Information that Astrology Can Provide

11:30am // Agnieszka Evenson - Sovereign Body Language : Stand Up Within Yourself, Your Body Never Lies

12:00pm // How to Successfully Navigate the 4th Wave with Aura Wright (500MXN)

12:15pm // Antony Sammeroff - The Medical Mafia

1:00pm // Lunch Break

2:00pm // Expats in Mexico Panel with Kurt, Agnieszka, and ??

2:00pm // Workshop with ?? (??MXN)

3:00pm // Josh Sigurdson

3:45pm // Belegui Elanor - Medicinal Plants: Self Healing and Consciousness 

4:00pm // Principles of your Passions Workshop with Kurt Robinson (200MXN)

4:25pm // ??

4:45pm // Miguel - COARSS Project: Autonomous, Resolutive, Synergetic, Sustainable Community

5:15pm // Mano Elia

6:00pm // Dinner Break

7:00pm // Ray Witter - Knowledge the Wordsmith

7:20pm // Mano Elia

8:00pm // Restaurant closes

8:10pm // Chris Guida

8:45pm // Jim Lehnert

9:15pm // Jam Band

11:00pm // Venue closes to non-campers. 



8:00am // Registration, Restaurant Opens

8:30am // Meditation and Yoga with Alektra (100MXN)

10:00am // Pyasa

10:00am // Workshop with ?? (??MXN)

10:20am // ??

10:40am // Chad Schwartz 

11:25am// Alektra - Water and Soil Fundementals

11:30am // Workshop with Pyasa (??MXN)

12:10pm// ??

12:20pm// Catherine Bleish Bonandin

1:00pm // Lunch Break

2:00pm // Crypto Panel with Danny Sessoms, Amin Rafiee, and Chris Guida

2:00pm // Body Language Workshop with Agnieszka Evenson (200 MXN)

3:00pm // Johnny Profita

3:45pm // Amin Rafiee

4:00pm // Mexican Medicinal Plants with Belegui Elanor (500MXN)

4:30pm // Danny Sessoms

5:00pm // Closing Ceremony

5:00pm // Workshop with ?? (??MXN)

6:00pm // Restaurant and Agorist Marketplace Closes

7:00pm // Temazcal (300MXN)