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Subject to change. Online sales end November 21. 

General Entry 3-day pass = $1000 mxn cash at gate.

Blue = Venue openings and closing, meal times, etc.

Black = Talks and workshops included in General Admission

Green = Music and dance included with General Admission

Orange = Workshops with an additional ticket fee


12:00pm // Registration Opens

Campground Opens

1:00pm // Agorist Marketplace Opens

Restaurant Opens - cash only. 

2:00pm // Welcome - Jim Lehnert and Lexi Marie

2:15pm // Maximilliano Torres - Ethics vs Reality: A Nonjudgmental  View of Statism, Animal Rights, Communities, and Human Choices

3:00pm // Amin Rafiee - Holistic Anarchy

Belegui Elanor - Healing the Body, Learning to Use Plants and Food as Medicine (600 MXN)

4:00pm // Agnieszka Evenson - Sovereign Body Language

4:30pm // Cristina De la Paz - Medicinal Ceremonies at Mariposa

5:00pm // Dinner - meal plan or cash

Live Pre-Hispanic Medicinal Music with Cristina de la Paz

6:00pm // Rancho Madre Tierra - Mushroom and Cacao Ceremony (2500 MXN)

7:00pm // Acoustic Campfire Jams - bring your instrument!

8:00pm // Restaurant Closes 

Movie Screening - Magic Pills - Ananda Moore

10:00pm // Venue Closes to Non-Campers


9:00am // Registration Opens

 Restaurant Opens - Breakfast - meal plan or cash

9:30am // Chad Schwartz, Jim Lehnert, Maksims Kačanovs - Offgrid Systems Demo

10:00am // Amin Rafiee - Reclaim Your Digital Privacy and Freedom (500 MXN)

10:15am // Kurt Robinson - Spirituality in Everyday Life

10:45am // Autonomy Panel with Agnieszka Evenson, Pius Krucker, Fabby Martinez, and Dave Randall

11:30am // Ananda Moore -  ABC's of Homeopathy: 3 Homeopathic Remedies to Add to your Home Wellness and First Aid Kit

12:00pm // Catherine Bleish Bonandin - Memoirs of a Radical

Agnieszka Evenson - Own Your Body Language (200 MXN)

1:00pm // Lunch - meal plan or cash

Jim Lehnert - live music

2:00pm // Intentional Community Panel with Cat Bonandin, Chad Schwartz, and Kurt Robinson

Ananda Moore - Back to Balance: An Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies (350 MXN)

3:00pm // Oksana Fajardo - Why Dreams Don't Come True: Revealing the Truth Behind Desire Manifestation 

3:30pm // Adam GoldenEagle - Heart Intelligence as the Next Step in Human Evolution

4:00pm // Chad Schwartz - Sovereign Life Skills 

Oksana Fajardo - How to Change a Negative Belief - (300 MXN)

5:00pm // Matt Welsh - Thrive with Crypto as an Artist in the Aquarian Age

5:30pm // Dinner - meal plan or cash

7:00pm // Ecstatic Dance with DJ Phoenixfire

8:00pm // Restaurant Closes

9:00pm // CTRL M - live music

10:00pm // Venue closes to non-campers. 



8:30am // Registration Opens Restaurant Opens - Breakfast - meal plan or cash

9:00am // Tisana Scanlan - Yoga (bring a mat)

10:00am // Dave Randall - An Introduction to the Planet Dooda Project

Rancho Madre Tierra - Temazcal Ceremony (500MXN)

11:30am // Maksims Kačanovs - With (out) Focus

12:00pm // Belegui Elanor - The Root of a Sick Society: Food, Water, and Medicine. 

Adam GoldenEagle - Heart Intelligence Workshop (300 MXN)

12:30pm // Amy Voluntary - Introduction to Privacy Coins and Pirate Chain

1:00pm // Lunch - meal plan or cash

Jim Lehnert - live music

2:00pm // Mindset Panel with Dave Randall, Oksana Fajardo, and Adam GoldenEagle. 

Matt Welsh - Thrive with Crypto as an Artist in the Aquarian Age (400 mxn)

3:00pm // Vin Maru - Seeking Financial Liberties in Mexico

4:00pm // Tisana Scanlan - Somatic Practices and Self Care for Turbulent Times

Kurt Robinson - States of Consciousness (500 MXN)

5:00pm // Self-directed Learning Community in Vallarta: An Alternative for the Traditional School System

5:30pm // Closing - Jim Lehnert and Lexi Marie

Dinner - cash only

6:00pm // Closing Concert -BLUVNBU

7:00pm // Restaurant  Closes

8:00pm // Agorist Market Closes

Venue Closes to non-campers

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